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Interview with 2003 NCAA Champ LeRoy Gardner, Part 1

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All-Americans by Home State

For the 2007 NCAA Division III Championships, this is the breakdown of All-Americans by home state. No surprise that Iowa takes the top...

All-American Trivia

Most of the information in this post was cleaned from this document (PDF), which can be found at the indispensable WrestlingStats.com. Schools with more than...

Division III All-Decade Team

This is one man's opinion on the top wrestler at each weight class for the years 2000-2007. Those dates fit nicely with the...

In Defense of Division III

Clearly, there is a difference between NCAA Division I (D1) and Division III (D3) wrestling. What I want to discuss here is what...

Returning Qualifiers from 2007 NCAA Top Ten

1 Augsburg Flodeen (125), Vanier (133), Osborn (141), Anderson (157), Gotreau (174), Lynaugh (184), O’Connor (197) 2 Wartburg Struthers (125), Helvey (133), McKray (141), Weber ...