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Proposed Rule Changes for 2011-2012


The NCAA Wrestling Committee has released its recommendations for rule changes for next season. These changes will be considered for approval during the May 11th conference call of the Playing Rules Oversight Panel. Here are the highlights

1. Wrestlers will be able to grant an escape during a stoppage and have both wrestlers start on their feet, thus giving the defensive wrestler an escape point. This rule was put into place for high school a few years ago.

2. Clarifications on stalling and changing of the penalty structure. The first violation is a warning, the second is one point, and all subsequent violations will be one point plus choice of position. It will no longer be possible to be disqualified for stalling.

3. Injury timeouts – recommendation that a wrestler signalling an injury timeout be penalized one point. Read the release for more information, but if this goes into effect, it will be interesting to see how officials are instructed to apply it.

4. Clarification of the flagrant misconduct penalty procedure

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Wrestling committee recommends escape clause (NCAA.com)


  1. Any word on the new format for National Duals? I’ve heard Chicago thrown around as the new location for the non DI teams.

  2. These rule changes are bad for wrestling. No. 1 takes away false starts in the down position. No. 2 Referees will be able to determine matches easier rather than the wrestlers. This one will be gone in a couple of years. No.3 will cause too much decision making for the referee. Coaches should be responsible for fake timeouts and pull their wrestler off the mat. Injury timeouts will not be taken and risk serious injury to the athlete. No. 4 Coaches for the most part behave well. Flagrant misconduct rules are adequate. Other sports allow much misbehavior and don’t even get the penalties wrestling does. Is this a D I rule for the NCAA’S? Just enforce the present rules and let the institution handle bad coaches.

  3. Injury timeout points will be impossible to enforce, it gives the referee too much power over the match. Stalling also should not be changed; stalling already decides too many matches in college wrestling this would only increase the advantages to wrestlers great in the top position.

  4. #3 is teh best rule change they could make. Now all the west coast boys cant get their sip of water 1 min into the first period cause they are sucking wind. and no it isnt a judgement call it will be called when they wave their finger in the air looking for a break. But now instead of practicing their wrestling they will have to work on their acting skills to make it seem like they are actually hurt but we all know what they really need

  5. This encourages over officiating and harmful to the sport….

    On second thought its the Wrestling Committee OVER wrestling Committeeing the sport….

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