New England College Women’s GA Position

New England College is seeking a graduate assistant to help with the launch of our women’s wrestling team, beginning in 2022. Primary duties for the up coming season will be recruiting and all other aspects associated with preparing a first year program. See job description below for more details.

Description: The Grims Athletic Scholarship (GAS) provides full course tuition support in a selected number of popular graduate programs and a seven meal plan over two years for a graduate assistant working in the Athletic Department. To be eligible for this program, the student must meet the admission requirements for and be accepted to the graduate program and must commit to a two-year graduate assistantship. GAS students will work with the Athletic Director, or their designee, to layout the overall two-year course sequence plan (the Plan) for that graduate program. Students who get terminated from the graduate assistantship may lose their GAS; students who choose to accelerate their study lose the GAS for courses taken beyond the Plan. Courses taken beyond the Plan will be charged at the current tuition price. Students who change graduate programs may lose their GAS as it pertains to the course tuition. Students who do not maintain minimum academic standards may lose their GAS. Once a student is accepted into a graduate program and receives the notification of a GAS for that program, the Plan can be developed. The meal plan is available only during traditional undergraduate residential semesters.

Please remember that we want to identify and hire aspiring coaches and the expectation is that all GA’s will spend considerable time during the week in the office assisting the coaching staff, training student-athletes, as well as out on the road recruiting.

Wrestling Responsibilities: Assisting with the following
– Recruiting (office hours and on the road)
– Planning Practices (year 2)
– Running Practices (year 2)
– Marketing
– Social Media
– Fundraising
– Any other responsibilities that come with running a successful program.

Eligible Programs: The programs eligible for a GAS may change from year to year. For the 2021-2022 academic year the GAS eligible graduate programs are:

• MBA (Sports Management – online concentration)
• MS in Computer Information Systems
• MS Health Informatics
• MS Data Analytics and Business Statistics

Please contact: Head Coach
Robert Watson-Powell
Phone: (440)-227-6381