d3wrestle Preseason Rankings: 174

Now, for 174. Numbers 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, and 7 all return at this weight, as do several other 2007 qualifiers, making 174 one of the deeper weights in terms of returning athletes. Chelf is the odds on favorite to repeat his 2007 championship after steamrolling his way to the title last year, but a strong group of challengers will look to knock him off his perch.

1. Chelf (LX)
2. Vanderhyde (Oliv)
3. Bath (WSP)
4. Gotreau (Aug)
5. Winfield (McD)
6. LeBlanc (Cort)
7. Van Patten (Brk)
8. Plowman (ONU)
9. Osgoody (TCNJ)
10. Larson (Dub)


Miller (Euc)
Branchen (JC)
Jon Henry (Heid)
Murray (BV)
Hoover (Man)


Brekke (LX) WI Champ
Diesel (KP) 3rd New York
Benko (Urs) 6th Maryland
McCarthy (Will) 4th Nat. Prep
Sundwall (Spri) 3rd CT