My name is Andy Vogel, and I wrestled from Messiah College from 1999-2003. I am currently the Head Wrestling Coach at Gettysburg College. From 2005-2007, I was the assistant coach at Wheaton College.

I started this site in order to cover NCAA Division III Wrestling in more depth than is seen at other wrestling or college sports websites. Websites like this exist for Division III Football, Basketball, and Baseball, but not for wrestling. Of the three NCAA divisions in wrestling, Division III has the most teams, even if they are almost all east of Iowa and north of Virginia. I would argue that the lower number of opportunities in college makes Division III wrestling tougher than Division III basketball or football, and as a former competitor in Division III, I know how tough it is.

The site was designed in WordPress in order to ease publishing, archiving, and organization.

If you have questions or comments, or have an idea for this site, please contact me.


  • Jonathan Wallace says:

    Are there many d3 colleges in Va area? My little cousin is wrestling in an Iowa community college now. Thinking about coming back this way. I’m trying to talk him into it cause Iowa is long way to go watch wrestling. Thanks for any info!

  • Alex Y says:

    go to the team site link on the site and sroll to south east you will see many schools in VA area…. Best of Success

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