d3wrestle Preseason Rankings: 165

With 4x champ LeVesseur gone, this weight class looks more wide open than it did last season.  However, there is a lot of depth coming back at the weight.  Both finalists are gone, but 3,4,6, and 7 are all back along with three wrestlers who lost in the All-America round in 2007.  Notably, Cruickshank of Olivet drops to 165 afte qualifying at  184 last year.

1. Palmer (LX)
2. Bradshaw (Brk)
3. Martel (JW)
4. Russo (BW)
5. Bogardus (Cort)
6. MacWhinnie (SI)
7. Van Dyke (Luth)
8. Youel (NC)
9. Barowski (Wilk)
10. Tyler (Spri)


Rammel (Heid)
Goble (RH)
Grothus (Coe)
Daugherty (Wilm)
Doan (Elm)
Dahlheimer (Lyc)
Zempel (Mess)
Cruickshank (Oliv)


Zotollo (RW)    4th New Jersey
Twito (KP)    3X IA placer
Kulik (WJ)    Nat. Prep Champ
Olson (WW)    WI Champ