d3wrestle Preseason Rankings: 184

The top three at 184 depart, leaving Djoumessi as a clear favorite, at least here in August.  Only three All-Americans return at this weight, leaving room for this year’s crop of wrestlers.  The (known) newcomers at this weight lack the credentials of some of the lighter weights, so it may be a year for upperclassmen to shine at 184.

1. Djoumessi (Wart)
2. Coleman (NYU)
3. Figgins (Lor)
4. Summers (JC)
5. Youel (NC)
6. Giehl (Brk)
7. Smith (Spri)
8. Lynaugh (Aug)
9. Mueller (Luth)
10. Fishel (JH)


Quinlan (BSC)
Bollig (WSP)
Lenhardt (JWU)
Casper (WW)
Stueve (BV)
Kerr (Augst)
Craft (MSJ)
Horn (Elm)


Nielson (Luth)    MN Champ 3X Pl
Ley (Oliv)    4th MI
Cambi (RW)    4th MA
Holland (LX)    2nd, 4th MN