d3wrestle Preseason Rankings: 157

We’re halfway home with the rankings, as 157 is up today.  Last year’s champ returns, but 2, 3, 4, and 5 have graduated.  Wernimont had a win over Anderson last year in a dual meet.   Of the newcomers, Renaut was 2nd at the NHSCA Senior Nationals, and Bressler is a 5x National Prep placewinner.  Bressler, however, faces an uphill battle just to make the starting lineup at Messiah.

1. Anderson (Aug)
2. Wernimont (Wart)
3. McCauley (Corn)
4. Spence (MSJ)
5. Herwig (DV)
6. Forness (BV)
7. Brew (Oliv)
8. Goldstein (Getty)
9. Milks (Platt)
10. Niedrich (Y)


Coleman (ONU)
Katz (Elm)
Nagel (WW)
Burkle (Coe)
Savenok (Wheat)
Jon Henry (Heid)
Elers (WJ)
Moyer (USM)


Renaut (KP)    2nd SR Nationals
Bressler (Mess)    5X Nat. Prep pl.
Murray (Chi)    2nd MI
Stanley (JH)    SC Champ
Serboucek (Luth) 3rd KS
Hamilton (NC)    2X 3rd IL
Meyers (LX)    WI Champ
Mickley (JC)    2X OH Placer
Creutz (LX)    Transfer-1st WI