d3wrestle Preseason Rankings: 133

Here are the d3wreste.com preseason rankings from 133.  As with any of these rankings, if you know a wrestler is out of eligibility, is not wrestling, or is at a different weight class, please leave a comment or start a discussion in the forum.  Defending champ Morgan is back at this weight as is 2007 3rd place finisher Johnson.  University of Minnesota transfer Lang may be here if 2007 runner up Vanier moves up to 141 for Augsburg.

1. Morgan (K)
2. Lang (Aug)
3. Johnson (NC)
4. Helvey (Wart)
5. Hulegaard (BV)
6. Kolinski (LX)
7. Seifried (Ith)
8. Hjerleid (Coe)
9. Polashuk (Y)
10. Sarinelli (NJ)


Nothern (Corn)
Hall (Muhl)
Valestro (USM
Pizzurro (JC)
Sullivan (Mill)
Meyer (MSJ)
Bartlett (Luth)
Kern (WSP)


Davy (Cort)    5th New York
Kauffman (JH)    2X AZ State Pl.
Lewis (Lyc)    6th PA
Beshada (KP)    2nd New Jersey
Chatham (Spri)    5th New York