d3wrestle Preseason Rankings: 141

Here are your 141 preseason rankings. Last year’s champ is expected to be at 149 (though that could change).  If Osborn moves up, that would mean the top five at this weight are all gone for 2007-2008.

1. Bonora (RIC)
2. Grawin (Luth)
3. Branham (NJ)
4. Vanier (Aug)
5. Manoogian (CW)
6. McKray (Wart)
7. Batsukh (St.J)
8. Hall (DV)
9. Smith (Osw)
10.Baum (RIT)


Sanchez (Heid)
Marsh (BSC)
Bautista (WW)
Kein (Muhl)
Rohowetz (LX)
Horwath (Ith)
Spitalieri (JC)
Rose (Thiel)


Widrick (Cort)    3rd New York
Resnick (ET)    2nd Nat Prep ’06
Newland (Heid)    2nd OH
Bain (Oliv)    4X MI Placer
Wilson (LX)    1st, 3rd WI
Jaramillo (BSC)    2nd New Engl.
Ryan (WW)    VA Champ