d3wrestle Preseason Rankings: 125

Each weekday for the next ten days, d3wrestle will be posting preseason rankings for each weight class including a Top 10, top contenders, and notable newcomers. Feel free to discuss in the forum. We’ll start today with 125. Six All-Americans return at this weight including 2007 runner up Flodeen.

1. Flodeen (Aug)
2. McDonough (JW)
3. Heilman (Corn)
4. Vallejo (Man)
5. Flickinger (Y)
6. Oster (Elm)
7. McInally (RIT)
8. Struthers (Wart)
9. Baatar (St.J)
10. Quieroz (Wilk)


Gummerson (Cente)
Greene (KP)
Parillo (LX)
Kingsland (Urs)
Calhoun (WSP)
Colagiavanni (Cort)
Penny (ONU)
Christner (Mill)


Sheetz (DelVal) PA State Champ, Ironman Champ
Rush (Coe) 2X IL State Champ
Reyes (USM) 5th New York
Fisher (Heid) MI State Champ
Bogue (Oliv) 3X MI State Pl.
Leviner (Osh) 2X WI State Champ
August (WW) 2X 2nd WI