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Wrestling Rule Changes for 2009


The NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel has approved rule changes for the 2009-2010 season.  From the NCAA release:

Wrestling changes

In wrestling, referees will say “set” to the defensive and offensive starting positions before the whistle sounds for the participants to begin competing. Previously, officials were instructed only to ensure a pause before blowing the whistle to start the competition. Adding the verbal command should decrease false starts and enhance the competitive equity of the match.

Weigh-ins will also be conducted differently next season. All contestants will be required to wear a suitable undergarment such as briefs, boxers, shorts or a competition singlet when they step on the scale.

Overtime rules have also been tweaked. In the event a wrestler takes a second injury timeout at the beginning or during overtime, the non-injured wrestler will get the choice of position after the opponent’s second injury timeout.

This change gives the non-injured wrestler the opportunity to win in overtime by riding the opponent for one minute in any sudden-victory period, or for at least one minute in the tiebreaker periods.


  1. The necessary undergarment for weigh-ins is rediculous. Next year will they require you to shower in compression shorts too to try and avoid skin disease?

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