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Two champions, three teams have results vacated at 2022 championships


Three teams have had results vacated from the 2022 NCAA Division III championships, and two of the affected wrestlers won titles at the event. Though the NCAA has not made public announcement of these decisions, the NCAA Division III Wrestling Championships Record Book notes that vacated results affect three teams from this year’s tournament. On Page 2 of the document, it is noted that North Central College, UW-Oshkosh, and The College of New Jersey have had their “Participation vacated by the NCAA Committee on Infractions.” Later, on Page 18 where the annual list of champions per weight is listed 2022 197 lbs. champion Cody Baldridge of North Central and 285 lbs. champion Jordan Lemcke of UW-Oshkosh have asterisks next to their names indicating in each case “National championship vacated by the NCAA Committee on Infractions.” No information is listed regarding The College of New Jersey other than that already described above.

d3wrestle.com contacted the NCAA and was told by a member of the communications staff that, “Unfortunately, we cannot provide further information about the cases in question, for student privacy reasons. Your best resource would be the school(s) in question.”

North Central College Sports Information provided the following statement:
“The NCAA’s policies and procedures exist for the safety of our student-athletes. While this news is disappointing, we understand and accept why it is necessary.

We remain extremely proud of our wrestling programs and how they have represented North Central College. Our student-athletes and coaches have shown tremendous resolve in the face of this development and are anxious to start a new season.”

UW-Oshkosh Sports Information responded to a request for comment on vacated team results by stating, “The 285 lbs. national champion win was vacated by the committee. However, the other athletes that competed for UW-Oshkosh at the national championships still have their results (and any points) stand. It was only the 285 lbs. individual that was impacted.”

The College of New Jersey has not responded to a request for comment by the publication time of this article.

d3wrestle.com has not independently verified the reason that the NCAA vacated results from this year’s championships. On Friday, the D3 Nation podcast released an episode reporting that failed drug tests caused the vacated results. While drug testing does not occur at every Division III wrestling championship, a selection of wrestlers were tested at the 2022 championships.

Listen to the D3 Nation Podcast Episode here: Failed Drug Tests, Vacated 2022 NCAA Titles, What now?

It is not entirely clear how these decisions affect team scores. The individual results for the other members of the affected teams clearly remain in place. The linked document above strongly suggests that the entire team score for the affected teams have been vacated. Pages 20-23 list the years in which every team has scored at the tournament, and 2022 is not listed for North Central, UW-Oshkosh, and TCNJ.

There is no indication that any team or individual will move up in position due to vacated results. There will effectively be no individual champion at 197 and 285 for 2022. It appears that the NCAA has no plans to release any further information beyond what was indicated in the Championships Record Book.

NCAA Division III Wrestling Championships Record Book

NCAA Drug Testing Program


  1. The NCAA needs to be more transparent about how and why this occurred. As well as provide more information on what the next steps are, it isn’t fair to schools who daily participated

  2. First off let me say horrible timing. Two years of nonsense. Then you spring up testing without a plan when and if kids get caught? Shouldn’t the runner ups advance? Shouldn’t math determine who the team winner is now? If you are going to have testing then have a plan!

  3. If the 197 champion is disqualified, then it seems to me that the runner up from Wabash College should be declared the champion, thereby making Wabash College the national champions.

  4. Wartburg won the title fair and square. You can take points away but you cannot add points after the tournament is completed! Better luck next year.

  5. Wabash needed one of their three wrestlers in the finals to win to advance the team to 1st place. They were losing by 1 point. Their 197 lb wrestler, Jack Heldt, lost in the championship round to a guy who was later disqualified. Wabash lost the championship by 1 point. Jack Heldt should be made the 197 champion and Wabash College should be the National Champions.
    It is completely unfair for wrestlers who trained and worked incredibly hard to get to the finals to be penalized for losing to others who were breaking the rules. Maybe choose to honor the work of the athletes who competed fairly. The existing results are not fair and square at all.

  6. The wrestlers at these weights shouldn’t be punished for the “champions” at these weights’ wrong-doings. Every wrestler should bump up a placement, therefor changing team scores. It doesn’t matter if Wartburg won this, if these two wrestlers failed a piss test, then the scores should be overturned.

  7. North Central and UW-Oshkosh should be ashamed of this nonsense and utter bs performed by their wrestlers. Wartburg wouldn’t have beaten the beloved Wabash College Little Giants in the Championship Run If It Weren’t For Those Little Weenie Roid users.

  8. No one is blaming Wartburg for what happened. But does Wartburg really believe that Wabash and its wrestler lost the team and individual National Championships “fair and square” when the deciding match was lost 3-2 to a wrestler who was juiced and subsequently disqualified? Is “better luck next year” really sufficient under any standard of sportsmanship?

  9. You can’t really make changes to the team scores UNLESS you have tested all athletes in the tournament. Otherwise, there are too many variables. Very sad for wrestling.

  10. I had been saying for two years that I thought at least two North Central wrestlers were on steroids. One was Baldridge. The bigger picture here is that 20% of your D3 National Champions tested positive for PEDs. The drug testing program of the NCAA is a joke. They need to contract with WADA to randomly test athletes year round. NCAA needs to have all athletes sign a waiver so they can publicize names and details of violations. If you all think those three athletes were the only ones on PEDs in D3, dream on. Wake up – this problem is way bigger than you realize.

  11. Hey John – since you’re willing to say that on a public forum, I hope you’ll have to stones to tell me to my face who our second supposed “steroid user” is when I see you at the Pointer Open on November 5th. You’ve “been saying” for two years? How many friendly face to face conversations have you and I had over the last two years? At least five? You never wanted to mention it to me? Just say it about my wrestlers behind our backs? Man. I thought we were friends. That’s some two-faced stuff, dude. Since you’re a a well-respected lawyer in my home state, I might reach out to you in regards to clarity on what constitutes defamation.

  12. Joe- I had suspicions that led to an opinion that PEDs were used by a couple of NC wrestlers. I have said so for the last two years to other friends of mine in the wrestling community, but never to you. It’s because I didn’t have any proof that any NC wrestler was using until Cody tested positive. Without proof, I would look like a fool to say anything to you. If I had actual proof, I would not hesitate to not only tell you, but to report it to the NCAA. Despite my suspicions, I never held it against you, your coaches or any of your wrestlers, including Cody. I like Cody as a person, and feel very badly for him. He has always been courteous and respectful to me. You should re-read my comment and take note that I did not criticize you, your program or even Cody personally. I have been very interested in studying PEDs for a long time, have read and researched the topic extensively. In my opinion, this is a problem in our sport and will remain so until and unless we have real enforcement by the NCAA, not just show testing at the national tournament. I will be happy to discuss the issue with you anytime. By the way, opinions are not actionable as defamation. And if the statements are true, it is an absolute defense to a defamation claim. By the way, I had fully intended to talk to you about this season. Sorry that you took offense to my post.

  13. ^^Joe Norton is really on here commenting? Hey Joe, is this why after North Centrals best year in men’s wrestling you are now a women’s coach? That is one backwards promotion. Seems kind coincidental. Stick to the women’s wrestling forums. Don’t be too bitter that you never won a team trophy in “Men’s wrestling!”

  14. #givethetrophybackjoey

    You always online chirping from behind that computer sub tweeting programs and coaches! Don’t throw stones when you live in a glass house!

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