Save Norwich Wrestling

Here is some more information about Norwich and an encouragement to write a letter of support for the wrestling team.  The school has announced that this season will be the last.  Please take the time to write a letter to the parties below.

Updated Contact Info:

President Richard Schneider
Norwich University
158 Harmon Drive
Northfield, VT 05663
Executive Assistant Mrs. Judy Bailey

General Gordon R. Sullivan (Ret.)
Chairman of the Norwich University Board of Trustees
Association of the United States Army
2425 Wilson Blvd.
Arlington VA 22201
email of the General’s personal aide Ms. Ann Belyea

Bear in mind that the team has 27 current members, and it is unlikely that those students would be there if there was no wrestling team.  For a tuition-driven school, athletics is an important part of enrollment, so eliminating a 27 member team may not make good econcomic sense.  Additionally, the team has historically been successful in New England and nationally as evidenced by the information below:

139 All-New England (conference placers)
47 Conference Finalists, 21 Conference Champs
8 All-Americans
2 National Finalists
1 National Champ
15 Scholar All-Americans
11 Nationally Ranked teams
1998 Conference Coach year – Coach Rich Hasenfus

Please write in support of the team so their 2009 NEWA Championship appearance will not be their last.  Norwich is the only college wrestling team in Vermont, and we do not want to see another state devoid of college wrestling.