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Saturday Results 2/5/2011


North Country Open at St. John’s
John Summa Invitational at Baldwin-Wallace

Messiah Quad (Messiah, Gettysburg, King’s, Morrisville)
Bridgewater State 37, WPI 11
Elizabethtown 37, Hunter 9
Cortland 22, Lycoming 10
Washington & Lee 24, Muhlenberg 21
Ursinus 37, Muhlenberg 6

Ursinus 43, Washington & Lee 6
Rhode Island College Tri (RIC, RWU, Southern Maine)


  1. How can you know if a correction has been made with regard to an incorrect posting of an opponent? January 8 Oneonta’s JP Sala Defeated Coast Guards Snyder not Serrano. Shouldn’t this be done through NCAA and how important is it being from different conferences?

  2. Anybody know what happened with Brown from Thiel? Why did he get DQ’d? Also, did Garber of Waynesburg get injured?

  3. why wouldn’t the results for the tri meet at Williams college from Saturday be posted? Is it the hosts responsibility to send the results?

  4. How could Brockport take 4th out of 6 teams in a tournament with 6 finalists. It doesn’t make sense. Plus if you look at the brackets, they don’t match up with the team scoring. Brockport had 2 guys take 5th and yet on the team scoring it says 0 took 5th for Brockport. Something messed up during that tournament.

  5. hey AV, new to this site and was asking a question didn’t mean to come off as a complainer. you sound tense, are you a Steelers fan?

  6. Good theory, but that didn’t happen…also there was like 5-6 Brockport guys that didn’t even weigh in but were still on the brackets and were counted as forfeits. I thought you had to weigh in to be on a bracket?

  7. Have to agree with Brockport after looking at the Brackets. They had 6 Finalists with 2 Champs. There was a scoring problem. The Team Results should have closer than what is posted on the BW site.

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