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New wrestling rules approved


Yesterday, the Playing Rules Oversight Panel announced the rule changes for the 2021-22 season. Read the whole release here and read on for a summary. Six changes were approved, and as always, the final wording of the rules in the new rulebook will give clarity on how they will be applied.

  1. The first sudden victory is increased from one minute to two minutes. After two minutes, two 30 second tiebreakers will be contested. If the match is still tied, the wrestler with the most riding time in the tiebreakers is the winner. If riding time is equal and score is tied, the next sudden victory period will be just one minute.
  2. Rules for correcting scoring and timing errors were adjusted (the Josh Heil rule). See link above for explanation.
  3. Referee video review is allowed for extra bouts (no coach challenges).
  4. Referee video review is allowed in open tournaments (no coach challenges).
  5. Weigh-ins will be two hours or less before each day of a multi-day event. Previously, the second day was a one hour weigh-in.
  6. Allowing a 1-pound weight allowance on the second day of competition for all instances of back-to-back official team competition. The event must be an official team date of competition as per the NCAA bylaws for the 1-pound weight allowance to be used. Previously, tournaments were exempt from this rule. It now appears that a dual meet the day before a tournament will result in every team at the tournament getting an extra pound.

In April, the wrestling rules committee also recommended a one-time exemption to the 1.5% weight loss descent plan for a wrestler that moves up one weight class to compete. This proposal will not go into effect.


  1. I just don’t understand the second or third day weigh in policy. Athletes cannot add tissue in a day or two. The extra weight will be food or water. If anything should be changed it the method of certification of the competing weight. One weigh in per tournament! Don’t these kids sacrifice enough with out having to worry about two or three weigh ins?

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