Awards Standings Before Championships

With no more wrestling before the NCAA Championships, here are the standings in the season-long awards presented by the NCAA. It is important to keep in mind that these standings only take into account matches within Division III. Falls and tech falls are self-explanatory. Most Dominant is a calculation of average team points per match with losses counted as negative (e.g., a fall is worth 6; losing by fall is -6).

James Bethel and Jake Evans met in the 285 finals last year and are in the top two spots for both Most Dominant and Most Falls. Bethel is one fall behind Evans but is much lower on time, so a tie will favor the Oneonta wrestler. Da’mani Burns of JWU is also one back and could win the award if things break his way. Stephen Maloney has a 2 tech fall lead over last year’s winner Jay Albis, and the times are close enough that Albis will likely need three more tech falls than Maloney in Roanoke to take the award again.

NCAA Championships matches will count and the final awards will be presented at the conclusion of the tournament.

Last year’s winners
Most Dominant – Jake Ashcraft, Ithaca
Most Falls – Isaiah Bellamy, Wesleyan
Most Tech Falls – Jay Albis, Johnson & Wales

Most Dominant
RankNameSchoolWeightAverage Team Points
1James BethelSUNY Oneonta2855.29
2Jake EvansWaynesburg2855.11
3Konrad ErnstWisconsin-La Crosse2855.08
3Troy StanichStevens1415.08
5Kaidon WintersRIT1575.04
6Da`mani BurnsJWU (Providence)1494.9
7Antwon PughMount Union1574.87
8Nicholas MorenoCoast Guard1744.83
9Jake AshcraftIthaca1844.82
9Adarios JonesAugustana (IL)2854.82
Most Falls
1Jake EvansWaynesburg2852266:23
2James BethelSUNY Oneonta2852125:14
3Da`mani BurnsJWU (Providence)1492162:03
4Joseph RossettiWilliams1411945:17
5Tommy WrzesienJWU (Providence)2851953:11
6Drew MandellOlivet1491734:51
7Marvin CunninghamJWU (Providence)1491745:33
8Troy StanichStevens1411748:08
9Brett KalinerStevens1491757:10
10Conner HomanMount Union1741631:08
Most Tech Falls
RankNameSchoolWeightTech FallsTime
1Stephen MaloneyMessiah1491772:37
2Jay AlbisJWU (Providence)1251569:18
3Jordin JamesMount Union1331356:45
4Bradan BirtMillikin1571247:32
5Jeremiah SlagleHeidelberg1741253:59
6Troy StanichStevens1411273:23
7Gregory WarnerYork (PA)1491034:01
8Cross CannoneWartburg1571040:35
9Lukas KaminskiTrinity (CT)1571050:38
10Diego SantiagoNew England College1251056:21