2012-2013 d3wrestle.com Rankings #1

Click below to see the first set of rankings from the 2012-2013 season from d3wrestle.com. The information included is based on the best available at the time. Weight changes and omissions are gleaned mostly from the preview information returned by the individual coaches, though some coaching staffs chose not to respond to the request for information. Here are caveats to the rankings below to help ward off common questions.

1. No freshmen or non-DIII transfers – This will change in subsequent rankings, but it is important to remember here.

2. Returning 2012 All-Americans are generally listed in order of finish – weight changes obviously affect this.

3. Weight changes are based either on information from coaches or posted 2012-2013 rosters – if the preview info was not definitive, a judgment call was made.

Feel free to comment with new information or general discussion.

d3wrestle.com Rankings #1 – October 25, 2012