Corner steps down at Concordia Wisconsin

Bret Corner has stepped down after 21 seasons as head coach at Concordia University Wisconsin. The job has not been posted as of this writing.

CUW Announces Change In Wrestling Leadership

MEQUON, Wis. – After 21 years, Concordia University Wisconsin’s wrestling program will have a new face as its head coach. Bret Corner has resigned to focus on his full-time job in rubber product sales. CUW has begun a national search for his replacement and Director of Athletics Dr. Rob Barnhill hopes to have an announcement soon.

“It is bittersweet to have received Bret’s resignation,” Barnhill said. “He has been the heart and soul of our program since its inception and a pleasure to work with. However, this change has prompted the University to address the need to have a full-time head coach in the sport of wrestling. We have gotten by for all of these years with a part-time head coach, due solely to the dedication and commitment of Bret Corner. We are saddened to be losing him, yet excited to make the enhancement. Bret will interview with the new coach and possibly stay on as an assistant.”