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NCAA Championships canceled


All winter NCAA Championships, including DIII wrestling, are canceled.

Here is part of an email sent to the coaches

As most of you know, several sporting events have been canceled today. The NCAA has determined that all winter and spring championships, including the NCAA Division III Wrestling Championship, are canceled, effective immediately. 


  1. Wrong decision imho. The coaches, athletes, 6 passes each was the correct remedy. More chaos has been created over fear. What happens next year when this virus appears again?

  2. The coaches, athletes, Volunteers and many family members had already been there for a day or more. ridiculous to cancel at the 11th hour literally. Let no one else in and let them wrestle, would have been a great decision.

  3. The NCAA crushed the DREAMS of all the wrestlers especially the seniors who have worked so hard to get to this point. I hope and pray that the NCAA will grant them another year of eligibility. What is mind blowing is that they worked out together for two days if the Athletes were to get affected with would of happened already. As RIT said to cancel at the last min REALLY. NCAA DO THE RIGHT THING!!!!!!!

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