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Mideast Regional Preview


Mideast Region Championship | Event Website
Ohio Northern University

Saturday, March 2nd, 9:00 AM
16 Teams – *Baldwin Wallace will not send entries this season

d3wrestle.com Rankings | NWCA Team Rankings

Ranked Teams: #15 York, #19 Messiah, #26 Ohio Northern

d3wrestle.com Top Ten Individuals (Returning AA in Bold)

125 – NONE
133 – NONE
141 – #6 Black (Mount St. Josephs) *#7 from last ranking Loht (Messiah) is entered
149 – #8 Pisani (York)
157 – #8 Gott (John Carroll)
165 – NONE
174 – #1 Kwiat (Ohio Northern)
184 – #6 Thomson (Messiah) *#10 from last ranking Lowry (Thiel) is back at 184
197 – #9 Landis (Elizabethtown)
285 – #8 Wilkinson (Brockport)

Ohio Northen will play host to the most geographically diverse regional tournament with teams coming from central and western PA, all over Ohio and western NY. The team race presents a lot of parity that may be more interesting than would be perceived at first glance. York and Messiah would appear to be set to contend for the team title, however both teams lost recent dual meets to unranked Elizabethtown College. In addition Mount Union could put together a strong tournament to be in the mix for the team title.

There could be a number of intriguing matchups and seeding could play a very important role as a number there have been a lot of inconclusive head to head matchups within this region throughout the year. Depth is the key at this region as most weights will have 6-8 wrestlers with a legitimate chance to finish in the top three and punch their ticket to the National tournament.

In addition to those wrestlers currently ranked in the top 10, several wrestlers have produced stellar seasons and should be poised to make a run at the podium in Iowa provided they make it through the region. Those wrestlers include: Schneider (125-Heidelberg) with wins on the year over wrestlers listed in the top 10, former All American Crown (133-Waynesburg), Loht (141-Messiah) who is 30-2 on the season, Mirman (149-John Carroll) listed as d3wrestle.com’s top contender with a win over former National runner-up Keeter from Augsburg, undefeated Lowry (184-Thiel) and a very talented Meaney (184-Elizabethtown), former National Qualifier Lovins (197-Heidelberg), and a very athletic big man in Elizabethtown’s heavyweight Jeremy Rieth.


  1. Show of hands… Is this region deep and full of parity, or does it just not have the big guns like the other regions?

  2. i dont have any dog in this fight, but i couldnt help but notice wen i was scrolling threw the various regional finals results,something caught my eye that i thought was worth mentioning.. how in the world does a #8 seed who beats the #1 seed in the quarters by a 2-1 score then go on to beat his semis opponent 6-3 then go into the finals & beat the #2 seed 6-1 not get your o.w. 4 the tournament??? come on coaches b 4 real really??? i know kyle kwait is a tremendous wrestler, but he was the #1 seed in his bracket & SAM GUIDI FROM WAYNESBURG WAS THE 8TH SEED & NOT ONLY RAN THE TABLE BY BEATING THE #1 #2 & #4 SEEDS BUT 2 OF HIS OPPONENETS WERE RANKED NATIONALLY AT#13 & #14.. kwait is 4 sure an extreme talent coaches but on this day the clear cut OUTSTANDING WRESTLER WAS MR. GUIDI… but im quite sure there wasent any politics involved at all (lol) plzzz coaches really, u all should be ashamed of urselves 4 robbing this young man of that award

  3. just wanted tp add to my above statement so no one misunderstands wat im saying..i happen to think that kyle kwait in my humble opionion is the best div 3 wrestler we have argubably of course, however my point was that the o.w. is a awrd giving out for that day at that tounament, not the body of work.. if u were giving an award for the body of work 2 date, then i would surely say mr. kwait is ur winner.. just my humble opinion that the coaches gave out this award yesterdaay based apond the over all body of work & not for this tounament as a hole 4 this particular day..

  4. I think Jesse Meaney from Etown could have been in the running for OW as well. Pinned the #1 seed, then wbf in the finals. Last year at this time, he was a HS kid.

  5. to sc pa.. that would have been my other choice… all im saying is that the o.w. clearly wasent kyle kwait.. 2 kids deserved that award on that day b4 he did in my humble opinion.. again as i stated above, the o.w. goes to the oustanding wrestler on that day at that tounament, not the o.w. for the total body of work.. maybe the coaches need to understand wat the award is actually for…

  6. I recall a Jr. high dual meet tournament I helped coached about 10 years ago. We had a stud who went undefeated on the day and likely pinned or teched everyone he faced just as was expected. He never drew a competitive match up all day. We went on to win the tournament championship, but on criteria, as the match score ended tied in the final round.
    The head coach was excited and voted our stud Outstanding Wrestler and was excited on the bus on the way home as his wrestle received the award. I told coach that Jon B. was the most outstanding wrestler of the tournament. He looked at me puzzled and confused and said, “Jon only won one match.”
    I explained that in our first match of the championship, Jon B. scratched and fought tooth and nail the entire six minutes just as he had done every match that day. He gutted this matched out with unequalled grit and determination for 5:57 to kept the last period stuck at an 8-0 major decision… and then…. he escaped to make it an 8-1 final score.
    After 3 other hard fought losses on the day, Jon B. still battled every second like a true champion even through the face of certain defeat. I went on to tell the coach that without Jon’s grit here, we lose the championship outright and don’t return home with this team championship trophy today. These are the moments of a true champion! All too often they go unrecognized and uncelebrated in this sport.
    You men are much wiser than the leaders and officials you are surrounded by. Always remember, no one can stop you from recognizing and honoring the true champions of this sport.

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