Metro Preview

Please Note: These are predictions of what will happen at a specific tournament on a specific date.  They are not seedings or rankings. has seen all the results and made predictions based off those results.  We may predict someone to win, even if he recently lost to a conference opponent, but that does not mean we did not see the results.

All week long, will be publishing previews of each of the NCAA qualifying tournaments to be held this weekend.  In addition to predicting winners and identifying the top athletes at each weight, we will attempt to predict all 160 qualifiers based on the number of wildcards available for each qualifying tournament.

Metropolitan Wrestling Conference – 13 qualifiers – Sunday, February 21st at TCNJ
Predicted Team Champion: TCNJ

Top Individual – Tyler Erdman, Elizabethtown, 125

Returning NCAA Qualifiers: Tyler Erdman (Etown 125), Gregg Martino (NYU 141), John Barnett (TCNJ 141, 2008), Tyler Branham (TCNJ 149, AA in 2007 at @ 141), Dan DiColo (TCNJ 157), Justin Bonitatis (TCNJ 165, AA in 2008), Frank Heffernan (Wilkes 174), Zach Pizzaro (Wilkes 197),  Ed Broderick (TCNJ 285)

125: Tyler Erdman, Elizabethtown
Top Challengers: Scott Mantua, Wilkes; Jerrid Hartman, York; Dan Hughes, TCNJ

133: Will Livingston, Centenary
Top Challengers: Dan Herr, TCNJ; Ryan Wilson, Wilkes; Tony Miele, King’s

141: Gregg Martino, NYU
Top Challengers: Sean Messina, Hunter; John Barnett, TCNJ; Kristopher Krawchuk, Wilkes; David Alsieux, Centenary

149: Anthony Dattolo, Wilkes
Top Challengers: Tyler Branham, TCNJ; John Stillo, Centenary; Tye Boyer, Elizabethtown

157: Dan DiColo, TCNJ
Top Challengers: Taylor Green, King’s; Eduardo Delgado, Hunter; Matt Magill, NYU

165: Justin Bonitatis, TCNJ
Top Challengers: Matt Regan, Centenary; Ben Marich, Wilkes; Michael Lussier, Elizabethtown

174: Brian Broderick, TCNJ
Top Challengers: Frank Heffernan, Wilkes; Jim Gentile, Elizabethtown; Dave Foley, King’s

184: Mike Denver, TCNJ
Top Challengers: Alex Martocello, York; Kevin Gerhart, Wilkes; Franklin Marinucci, King’s

197: Zach Pizarro, Wilkes
Top Challengers: Bill Meaney, Elizabethtown; Adam Koziol, TCNJ; Peter Dwyer, King’s

285: Andrew Feldman, Wilkes
Top Challengers: Ed Broderick, TCNJ; Chris Rash, King’s; Mike Daub, Elizabethtown