Management Council Recommends Blanket Eligibility Waiver

The Division III Management Council has recommended that all Division III athletes be granted a waiver allowing competition this year without using a season of eligibility. President’s Council will review the recommendation on October 28th.

The Division III Management Council is forwarding a recommendation to the Presidents Council to allow all Division III student-athletes to compete up to the established dates of competition/contest maximums without being charged a season of intercollegiate participation for this academic year.

Management Council recommends blanket waiver for all DIII student-athletes

Prior to this recommendation, a waiver from the summer allowed athletes to compete in up to half the allowed number of competitions without using a season. Now, any amount of competition, up to the typically allowed 16 dates of competition for wrestling, will not trigger the use of a season of competition.

The same group also approved the recommendation to limit championships to 75% of their original capacity. Pending final approval, this will limit the NCAA Wrestling Championships to 135 participants, down from 180.