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d3wrestle Preseason Rankings: 285


This does it for the d3wrestle.com preseason rankings.  They can be found permanently by clicking “Rankings” to the left, and will be done again as the season gets underway.

Blake Gillis spent 4 years in the finals at this weight, finally taking the title in 2007.  With both finalists gone, one of the returning All-Americans at this weight will look to capture the championship.  Levitin, Hiffa, and Rutledge return as All-Americans, while Miller, Bowers, Laurent, Bilquist, Taylor, Tartar, and Wilbert all qualified last season.  The newcomers include at least the five state champs listed, making 285 a deep weight for 2007-2008

1. Levitin (Hunt)
2. Hiffa (One)
3. Miller (Luth)
4. Rutledge (Knox)
5. Bowers (Heid)
6. Laurent (LX)
7. Bilquist (DV)
8. Taylor (Osw)
9. Tartar (Muhl)
10. Wilbert (Ply)


Johnson (WW)
Edwards (Thiel)
Kauffman (Lor)
Misko (Oliv)
Carder (Coe)
Carbone (NJ)
Panizzi (York)
Williams (Urs)


Wozniak (WSP)    2nd WI
Gesford (Lyc)    6th PA
Glotfelty (McD)    MD Champ
Fisher (ONU)    MI Champ
Binek (LX)    WI Champ
Laplante (Osh)    4th WI
Toll (WW)    WI Champ
Christopher (Getty)    FL Champ


  1. Can someone explain the rankings a bit better to me. How did Levitin whom was beaten by Rutledge 4-3 in the semis of the consolation bracket, Miller who didn’t even place last year but was an all-american in 2006, and Hiffa(4th)whom was pinned in 4:01 of the third place match by Rutledge get ranked above him? I had been following the rankings for the past two weeks and they seemed to follow the results from last year’s national tournament finishes precisely…until now. Why?? What about this weight and Rutledge’s finish did not earn him the top ranking?

  2. I thought that Brian Borchers was coming back for Wartburg and if so he should be ranked very high. He was stuck behind Gillis but is a damn good wrestler.

  3. Jacob Combs of Buena Vista University should do pretty good, he is an all american transfer from Iowa Central CC

  4. Just wondering how these rankings were done, and how you determined who “contenders” are. Is this just a rough estimate of who you thought was good, or did you go through results to find those names?

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