d3wrestle.com Preseason Rankings

Click below for the d3wrestle.com Preseason Rankings.  We have done our best to account for who is back and who isn’t and any known weight class changes.  As always, the top ten is in order, and the other sections are not.  The first rankings always includes a list of top newcomers at each weight.  Generally, transfers have been placed in the Newcomers section unless they have accomplishments to indicate they should be placed higher.  For example, Wartburg’s Carrington Banks was the NJCAA champion last year, and he is in the top ten at 157 in this ranking.

Future editions of the rankings will have a Top Ten, a Contenders section, and an Honorable Mention section.  Accuracy will improve as the season gets underway and we all find out who is where.  As always a big thanks to the coaches for returning their info sheets and helping move this process along.  It should be another fun year.

d3wrestle.com Preseason Individual Rankings

Update 11:00am Monday October 19: Metro Preseason Rankings also available

Metro Preseason Rankings October 19, 2009