d3wrestle.com Picks Contest Results Post


Please post your results from the picks contest below. Post your original team in the comments. For each wrestler, list the number of points he cost followed by the number of points he earned and then post the total. Make sure you use the same name/email address combination as you used with your initial entry. This post will remain open until Wednesday, April 3rd, at which point, a winner will be selected and contacted to arrange delivery of the prize.

Points earned are as follows:

1st – 1000
2nd – 900
3rd – 800
4th – 700
5th – 600
6th – 500
7th – 400
8th – 300

Tiebreaker, if necessary:

a. Most total NCAA champions on your team
b. Most total All-Americans
c. Team with most wrestlers to win at least one match
d. Tiebreaker to be determined later (if necessary)