1. No respect for Wartburg College as Fuller (165) and Endene (197) should be easily Top 3 and probably will CHAMP. Your #1 guy from Lacrosse (Kawczynski at 197) has already been beat by a Loras backup. And Hollingsworth #3 at 157 is laughable. BTW, Wartburg’s Endene will BONUS through the field (MONSTER). Appreciate the insight.

  2. Hupke lol I guess because its Wartburg everyone has to be ranked #1. When your guys beat a ranked kid they will be ranked got it? That is the way it works. Respect the people doing the rankings. They do a great job.

  3. And, holy cow, this is just rankings, not seeds, so they have zero impact on anything of substance. They are a fun diversion for us that have become arm chair athletes.


  4. Love the comments and thanks for the opinion/feedback. We try our best to keep the rankings results based

    While Wartburg undoubtedly will be there in the end, there is no lack of respect for them in these rankings. When there is a turnover and new individuals come into a lineup they aren’t ranked based on their potential or even ability but rather on their results. Levy, Chakkour, Romero, Fuller, and Endene are all new names in the lineup and thus are working their way up the rankings.

    Endene’s results are indeed impressive, but has yet to beat anyone ranked ahead of him head to head- understand the thought on Kawczynski, but he did beat Yineman head to head and stormed back through the tournament after the 1st round loss- still a very valid argument and was one ranking that was difficult to decide on.

    165- #6, 7, 8 and 10 were all All Americans last year who have had good results. Fuller needs to beat someone in the top 10 to get into the top 10

    157- Hollingsworth placed 6th at Nationals and has only wrestled two matches this year. Hertel and Shilson both placed ahead of him at Nationals and that was the starting point.

  5. Rankings are rankings but great for discussion! Earned not given in the end but keep the rankings coming. Keep an eye on Wriedt from Loras this year at Hwt.

  6. @Luther88
    Jack Heldt (Wbash) is the one to watch at Hwt. he wrestled 197 last year. Started the season ranked in the mid 70’s and continued a steady climb to finish the season 2nd place at nationals. I am unsure what some of the real big guys will have for him, but definitely keep an eye out for him.

  7. Are there going to be any Rankings in the month of December or the rest of the season? Just wondering. Thanks for any updates you can give.

  8. I guess Hupke’s indignant rant didn’t age particularly well. Endene finally wrestled the types of opponents he’ll potentially see at nationals, against quality opponents he’s 2 – 1, with no bonus points. Even losing to Kawczynski, who was specifically called out. Hollingsworth, now the #1 at 157 got pinned by a formerly unranked, and now HM wrestler, who was beating Hollingsworth 8-2 before the pin, so not an example “being caught”. Fuller, at least, is still undefeated but has only one match against wrestlers in these rankings, so there still isn’t much justification for him being ranked especially high.

    As always thanks for these rankings and all the work that goes into it.

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