d3wrestle.com 2019-2020 Rankings #3

With three weeks of competition complete, the rankings are starting to sort themselves out as most teams have begun competing and weight classes are becoming clear.

d3wrestle.com Rankings #3 – November 20, 2019


  • Violet Gang says:

    Loughney 11-2 (NYU) is starter at 165–wins over Angers (Castleton), Garda (TCNJ) Took 3rd in Kings/RWU

  • Rankings says:

    We are getting information from the coaches and they put Karam on the radar. We will make a change if we can confirm that information.

  • Millboy's Militia says:

    Keep your eyes on Willers (165#) and Liegel (184#) from Loras. Willers won at Grand View and Liegel won Luther Open.

  • Steve says:

    Why did you remove Devin Tortorice from the list at 149? He hasn’t lost since you had him in there for Ranking #2.

  • Grind it out says:

    Capobianco at 184 should most definitely be placed into the contender box. Took out 4 nationally ranked guys in the first two weeks of competition.

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