2020 NCAA Preview: 141 lbs.

2019 All Americans in Bold, Qualifiers in Italics

Northeast 1RobinsonJWU28-8
Northeast 2RossettiWilliams38-4
Northeast 3CaskeyCoast Guard26-5
Mideast 1SimsBrockport26-5
Mideast 2MerwinCortland21-12
Mideast 3DingerTCNJ30-6
Southeast 1StanichStevens26-2
Southeast 2SiuGreensboro21-5
Southeast 3CornellMessiah23-5
Central 1JamesMount Union31-2
Central 2BrezovecJohn Carroll25-8
Central 3LaddAlma19-2
Lower Midwest 1WrightCoe13-8
Lower Midwest 2FleenorNorth Central28-8
Lower Midwest 3LembeckLoras14-2
Upper Midwest 1FlynnAugsburg17-3
Upper Midwest 2RiceWhitewater30-1
Upper Midwest 3HarstedWheaton25-11

There are two returning NCAA champions in this weight as Jordin James has moved up from 133 and David Flynn returns to defend his title. James has one DIII loss to a wrestler who did not qualify, while two of Flynn’s three losses are also to a non-qualified opponent. His other loss is to Robinson, and he gave Hazen Rice his only loss of the year in the Upper Midwest final. James has defeated Brezovec twice, but he has not faced any of the other 16 entries this season. Clint Lembeck was 3rd here last year, and Brendan Ladd was 7th, but both had to fight back through the consolation rounds to make it here.

Hazen Rice was the 3rd seed last year and had been undefeated until running into Flynn in the regional final. He has beaten Lembeck, Ladd, Robinson, and Brezovec this season. Eli Sims was a surprise winner for Brockport in the Mideast. His only match against a qualifier was his win over Merwin in the region finals. Riley Wright of Coe was another surprise region winner. He was just 9-8 coming into the region and left with a 1st place finish.

Troy Stanich of Stevens has reached the final year of a great career. He has never lost to a DIII opponent…except at the NCAA Championships. After beginning his career with a pair of 3rd place finishes, he lost to Flynn in the quarterfinals last season and dropped his next match to the 7th seed Fritz and was eliminated. This year has been typical for Stanich, as he is undefeated against DIII and only JWU’s Robinson has been able to hold him to a decision.