Final 2019-2020 Rankings

The final rankings only includes wrestlers who qualified for the 2020 NCAA Championships, so 18 wrestlers appear at each weight. Only the top ten are ranked in order; the other two sections are listed in alphabetical order and should be viewed only as tiers. Also, rankings are not seedings and have different criteria. Finally, everyone is good at this point, and it only takes 2-3 wins to become an All-American, so nobody should be surprised by any wrestler on this list getting on the podium. Rankings #10 – March 5, 2020


  • Rollmules says:

    Sherman at 149 has been a top kid in the country for the past few years and nobody should be surprised when he all Americans next week despite this incorrect ranking

  • MuleEater says:

    Wow you might be right, how many times has he qualified for nationals again? Surely he must have qualified several times since he has been a national level wrestler over the past few years.

  • MuleEater says:

    Love your rankings by the way. Might not agree with them all the time, but who else ranks 20+ guys at every weight? A panel of coaches only ever does 10 at a time!

  • Rollmules says:

    Nice name very clever lol

  • Beaster says:

    These are stupid. Do you have a glue. ???

  • RRS wrestling fan ONU says:

    Do you know how to spell, talk, or type. Since the G and the C are not neighbors on the keypad I’ll assume you meant to say glue. Which in this case means you are on the wrong message board. Horse racing is down the hall and to the left. Go put you money down over there.
    But to your point about these being stupid. Go ahead and give us your version of the rankings. With analysis and reasoning and we will be the judge of what is stupid and what isn’t. Just because you disagree with a persons results does not equate that persons work to stupidity. It does however lend credence to the possibility of your opinion being as such.

  • JKC says:

    Had my first chance to look at the D3 AA

    The weight I reviewed had 2 wrestlers AA that wrestled at the Pete Willson. One DNP, the other took 6th place. All of the wrestlers in front of both wrestlers did not qualify for Nationals. The difference the quality of the regionals. My dog is no longer in the fight but I will say it is time for the NCAA to fix the regional issue or make nationals an open tournament.

    I believe a couple of the regionals have 5 to 6 wrestlers who could qualify for nationals and AA but the wrestlers eliminate each other. Some of the other regionals the top 3 potentially do not even place at certain regionals. The effect of the unbalanced regionals, mean the regional qualifier is actually more difficult than nationals. Look at the Upper and Lower Midwest Regionals as an example

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