UW-Whitewater Assistant

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The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater is searching for a full-time assistant wrestling coach and lecturer

Assistant Wrestling Coach/Lecturer – Intercollegiate Athletics/HPERC – 15697

The Assistant Coach will assist the Head Coach in the planning, recruiting, coaching, developing, implementing, communication and administering of his/her program to achieve University and Department objectives. Goals and objectives are to be developed prior to the beginning of each season with the Head Coach. Exhibit behavior that enhances the respect for the student-athletes, the athletics program, the University, and yourself in the conduct of your professional responsibilities. You are required to assist in the direction and control of your program in accordance with NCAA, WIAC, and University rules and regulations. Violation of University, NCAA or Conference rules on the part of Athletic Department personnel may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Master’s Degree in Physical Education or related field by the beginning of the contract date

Desired Qualifications:

  • Collegiate wrestling experience, either as an athlete or as a coach

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

  • Ability to interact respectfully with people from diverse socioeconomic, cultural and ethnic backgrounds
  • Willingness and ability to be an active participant in following applicable safety rules and regulations, including necessary training and drills


General Administration of Program/Coaching:

  • Adhere to all rules and guidelines of the NCAA, WIAC and University
  • Assist head coach to plan and direct the development of student-athletes in relation to general and specific skills necessary for successful competition
  • Adhere to all athletic training measures for the safety and welfare of student-athletes
  • Assist with scheduling, conduct, and management of intercollegiate athletics contests
  • Assist with Instructing student-athletes in the principles and rules of the sport, WIAC and University policies
  • Schedule, prepare, and supervise all team practices, travel and activities in the absence of the head coach
  • Attend staff meetings/professional development seminars, and assist with total program issues
  • Represent the head coach at WIAC and NCAA meetings in their absence
  • Assist head coach to ensure the safety, maintenance and preparation of the playing and practice areas for all student-athletes
  • Assist with the monitoring of the academic progress of the student-athletes on your team ensuring that normal progress is made toward the attainment of the degree
  • restling room monitor during all out of season activities for safety observation. This does not permit a coaching staff member to direct, supervise or provide instruction to student-athletes, but permits a coaching staff member to stop any activity that is dangerous
  • Assist the head coach with the development of outreach activities which support and enhance the athletics program, individual sports, and university


  • Assist with recruitment and recommendation of student-athletes to the University
  • Complete recruiting logs on a monthly basis
  • Interact with admissions personnel in the recruitment policies and procedures for the University


  • Assist the head coach with fund raising projects needed to support program
  • Assist the head coach with support and promotion of sport
  • Assist with the total program support through Athletic Department activities and events

General Administration of Program/Teaching and College Involvement:

  • Carry out teaching responsibilities within the Department of HPERC according to standards established by the department
  • Attend Departmental meetings and support Department outreaches
  • Maintain regular weekly office hours

Scholarly and Professional Activity:

  • Attend job-related clinics and conferences
  • Maintain current membership in professional organizations

University and Community Service:

  • Serve on department and university committees as needed
  • Serve as a resource to the community in areas of expertise

Assume other duties as assigned by the Head Coach and HPERC Chair.