Updated Spectator Info

Here is the latest on the 2020 NCAA Championships.
1. Tickets will not be sold
2. All tickets previously sold are now invalid
3. The NCAA will distribute 6 passes per qualifier and 1 per coach to be used for limited family members
4. Media and event workers will be permitted to enter

See below:


  • Angela Roth says:

    We purchased 2 full event tickets prior to the event being canceled. My credit card bill arrived today and I have been charged for the tickets. How do I get refunded?

  • Angela Roth says:

    How do I get refunded for the ticket purchased prior to cancellation?

  • Spector says:

    Your worries about refunds what about that the NCAA ruined four years of an athletes dream.
    We should be emailing the NCAA on seniors coming back not a refund

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