LeVesseur in a different kind of combat

Four time DIII champ Marcus LeVesseur is now full time into mixed martial arts (see this poster, he’s on the left) as he works to finish his degree at Augsburg. He fought this past weekend in Minneapolis at the “Downtown Throwdown.” You can see some introductory information in this article. However, it sounds like there was some unexpected drama in the form of a gunshot fired in the stands just before LeVesseur was set to begin his fight. After a delay, they restarted the event, and according to this page, LeVesseur won, running his record to 8-0, though details on the actual results have been tough to come by so far.

Back to actual wrestling: congratulations to my high school teammate, fellow Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy Royal Harry Lester, on his second straight bronze medal in greco roman at the World Championships.

I received the following email this morning with some more details.  Also, see the link below for event results.

The gun shot happened before Marcus was supposed to fight.  The lights in the arena went on and fans watched as police searched the seats.  There was speculation that the police were looking for a gun because the men they arrested did not have a gun on them.  Some said the show would not go on if a gun was not found.  The show went on and Marcus was very calm and in control.  The night before at weigh-in, Marcus’s original opponent did not show.

 Downtown Throwdown Results 9.15.2007