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The NWCA has started a crowdfunding page to help fund the NWCA Division III Championships. Travel and other costs for the teams will be paid for by the individual schools but the NWCA needs funding to put on the event. Venue rental, officials, table workers, awards and COVID-19 protocols all need to be covered. Click the link below to donate to make a championships experience possible and excellent for wrestlers the season.

Support the NWCA Division III National Championship


  • C Brown says:

    There needs to be a little more transparency here? Where does the money go? What happens to the money if there’s no tournament?

    I am thinking all of the schools that canceled this year will not let their wrestlers enter. Should be a D3 open nationals. Any wrestler on a D3 line-up should be able to enter. You will still get the best 8 guys on the stand this way.

  • Robert Kaiser says:

    There many schools that are not allowing there wrestlers to compete for the second year in a row. This should be a open tournament open for every D3 wrestler who lost there last two seasons. Once it becomes a open tournament the schools are out and cannot stop there wrestlers from going. Once you make it a school sanctioned event you will lose a lot of top kids who deserve top place top 8. Please put some thought into this for full transparency for everyone not for the select few. Thank you for your time and efforts.

  • Mike says:

    It’s too bad that this event is not open to student-athletes from schools that did not compete this year. Last year my son was the 5th seed, traveled to Iowa ready to compete when on the eve of the event the NCAA leadership shut it down. Now this year his school decided not to compete due to the pandemic and the likelihood there would not be an NCAA championship. Well, now it sounds like he and others like him will be excluded. These athletes have been overlooked 3 times now. It should be open to those that qualified last year and are still enrolled in college. IMO

  • Scott says:

    Sorry I don’t believe the schools who opted out this year should be eligible, its these schools that caused the cancelation in the first place. Imo

  • Mike says:

    The wrestlers that attended schools in states with strict lockdowns had no choice in their schools decision to not compete. The wrestlers shouldn’t be punished for matters outside of their control. Besides inclusion of those athletes would make for better competition.

  • CC says:

    as an NCAA All-Region senior from the lower midwest, the selection committee comes as a concern for choosing the top 32 if more than 32 sign up. Will the selection criteria go based on current head to heads, previous year’s regional and NCAA finishes, or is it just who they think should be the top 32 athletes. I would love to be able to compete in the tournament if I’m not able to work my last opportunity at regionals

  • C Brown says:

    Who cares if you have 80 guys at a weight. This is the year of the asterix. D3 has the most teams 113 and yet the smallest national tournament. Who cares if you have multiple entries per school at the same weight. The 11th, 12th, and 13th are wide open at the Iowa city venue. Charge $150 a wrestler. If you get 88 guys a weight at $150 you make $132,000. That will more than cover the meet. You run the round of 124, the round of 64 and the round of 32 day one with wrestle backs. Day two you run the round of 16, 8, and all the wrestle backs up to the round of 12. Day 3 you run the Semi’s, all the wrestle backs then the place matches and finals.

    You start the sign up this Monday the 15th on trackwrestling and end it on Friday the 20th. To sign up you have to be on a current d3 rooster and eligible. The sooner this happens the sooner it can be real. If they wait any longer this won’t happen.

  • Robert Kaiser says:

    Please reconsider and make this a open tournament to all D3 wrestlers. This is the second year in a row these athletes will miss this tournament. I am sure the tournament directors want this to be successful and not open to just a select few schools that are wrestling. I know there are teams of young athletes praying this turns into a open tournament.

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