d3wrestle.com 2020-2021 Rankings #1

At long last, here are the first d3wrestle.com Rankings for the 2020-2021 season. This is a tough season to rank without large tournaments and much in the way of inter-conference competition. Some notes on the process:

  1. Wrestlers appearing in the rankings will only be ranked at a weight where they have wrestled. Adjustments will be made for guys who have not wrestled when teams start their schedules.
  2. Only wrestlers who appear as certified on Trackwrestling are ranked. Eventually, certified wrestlers will drop out if they do not compete with their teams.
  3. Since 30+ teams are not competing, the rankings have 18 wrestlers per weight class. As always, the top ten are in order, and the tiers after that are grouped but not numbered.
  4. If there are misspellings of names or mixed up schools, leave a comment so it can be fixed.

d3wrestle.com 2021 Rankings #1 – February 2, 2021