d3wrestle.com 2019-2020 Rankings #1

Here are the d3wrestle.com Preseason Rankings for the 2019-2020 season. There are a few things to remember about the first set of rankings.

  1. No freshmen or non-DIII transfers are listed in this set of rankings. They will start to appear as they compete.
  2. Information about weight class changes mostly came from the coaches. If a coach did not provide any information, a best guess was made. There are some weights that will end up being wrong. The rankings will be adjusted as guys compete.
  3. If a wrestler is not expected to compete until the second semester, he should not appear here.
  4. There are probably some mistakes, typos, or misspellings in this list. A best effort will be made to correct them as the season gets going.

d3wrestle.com Rankings #1 – October 28, 2019