2013 285 lbs. Preview

West 1 Johnson Augsburg
West 2 Bouressa Concordia Moorhead
West 3 Scepaniak St. John’s
Central 1 Buss Loras
Central 2 Fank Wartburg
Central 3 Pearch Luther
Midwest 1 Edgren Whitewater
Midwest 2 Mayer La Crosse
Midwest 3 Ceslick Olivet
Mideast 1 Wilkinson Brockport
Mideast 2 Rieth Elizabethtown
Mideast 3 Lovejoy Ohio Northern
East 1 Zitone Centenary
East 2 Camlin McDaniel
East 3 Fletcher Wilkes
Northeast 1 Sacco Western New England
Northeast 2 Foote Williams
Northeast 3 James Cortland

d3wrestle.com Ranking #11 – March 5, 2013

The final weight class is the last of the three with a returning champion, and #1 Johnson has run the table against DIII competition for the second year in a row. He is as heavy a favorite as there is in the tournament this year. He has defeated #2 Zitone 6-3, dealing Zitone his only loss. Zitone has wins over #7 Fank and #10 Camlin and was 7th last year after a round of 12 finish in 2011. #3 Buss is an outstanding freshman who get noticed with an early win over #7 Fank that he repeated at the Central Region, though Fank did squeeze a win in between those two matches. #4 Edgren was a backup to NCAA runner up Anderson last year, but has stepped in with aplomb, losing only to #5 Mayer in a match he avenged at the regional and to Coe’s Burkle, who did not qualify. Mayer has some good wins including Edgren and Buss, along with the unranked Ceslick, Pearch, and Scepaniak. #6 Bouressa finished 4th in 2011, but went 0-2 at the tournament last season. He hasn’t wrestled a huge number of DIII opponents, but his only DIII losses are to Johnson. #7 Fank was 4th at this weight a year ago and cannot be counted out. #8 Wilkinson opened his season at the NY State Championships where he took both his losses on the year, one of which was included in a split with James. He has otherwise not lost and he has a pair of wins over #9 Rieth who has had a fairly consistent sophomore season. #10 Camlin is a second semester wrestler who lost once to Messiah’s Jones late in the year and then took his second loss in the region final to Zitone. His only other match against a qualifier came in a 7-0 win against Fletcher. Others here include Sacco, a prolific pinner who last qualified in 2010 and Foote a 2011 qualifier who qualified as a wildcard in 2012 but was unable to compete due to injury.