2013 165 lbs. Preview

West 1 Kulchytskyy Oshkosh
West 2 Schuler St. John’s
West 3 Bowland Augsburg
Central 1 Williams Wartburg
Central 2 Bonte Luther
Central 3 Kubica Dubuque
Midwest 1 Gibson Whitewater
Midwest 2 Schulte Stevens Point
Midwest 3 Myers Olivet
Mideast 1 Guidi Waynesburg
Mideast 2 Plummer Messiah
Mideast 3 Powell Thiel
East 1 Favia Stevens
East 2 Darling TCNJ
East 3 Vernon Centenary
Northeast 1 Crowell Roger Williams
Northeast 2 Longo Springfield
Northeast 3 Gillen Oneonta

d3wrestle.com Ranking #11 – March 5, 2013

This is the first of three weight classes that has a defending champion in the bracket. Adding to the excitement is the fact that last year’s champ at the previous weight class is also here. #1 Williams has gone wire to wire at the top this season with only a single non-DIII loss on his record. He has yet to face #2 Kulchystskyy, the defending champ at 157. Kulchytskyy has put together an amazing 40-1 season with an NCAA all division leading 21 falls and a nigh insurmountable lead in the Most Dominant standings. The rest of the top five here include last seasons 5th place finisher #3 Favia, the 6th place finisher from 157 in #4 Darling, and last year’s 3rd place finisher #5 Longo. Favia beat the other two, and Darling defeated Longo. #6 Gibson wrestled unattached in the first semester, then spent most of the second at 157 before heading up to 165 for the last few weeks, culminating in a Midwest Region title against #7 Schulte. #8 Myers was 6th at this weight last season and was 3rd in the Midwest. #9 Crowell reversed an earlier loss to Longo to win the Northeast Region and was a qualifier here last year, with #10 Vernon used a 3rd period comeback to win the final spot out of the East. Outside the top ten, Schuler is 16-2 with both losses to Kulchytskyy. Guidi won the Mideast over Plummer and lost twice and won once against Powell, while Plummer defeated Powell last weekend.