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2013 141 lbs. Preview


West 1 Behnke Eau Claire
West 2 Henken Platteville
West 3 Kuehn Augsburg
Central 1 Travis Dubuque
Central 2 Windquist Luther
Central 3 Mirocha Wartburg
Midwest 1 Earley Elmhurst
Midwest 2 Sheley La Crosse
Midwest 3 Fredricksen Whitewater
Mideast 1 Meaney Elizabethtown
Mideast 2 Dyer Brockport
Mideast 3 Glatz York
East 1 Marcello Johns Hopkins
East 2 Fava Delaware Valley
East 3 Vernon Centenary
Northeast 1 Grippi Springfield
Northeast 2 Antista Williams
Northeast 3 Giacolone Ithaca

d3wrestle.com Ranking #11 – March 5, 2013

None of last year’s top 8 at this weight return in 2013, but there are several returning 133 All-Americans who have made the move up this year. #1 Sheley and #2 Grippi were both All-American’s last season at 133, while #9 Mirocha was a 4th place finisher at 133 in 2010. #3 Earley dropped to the weight this year and has gone undefeated so far with wins over Sheley and several other entrants at this weight. #4 Antista lost twice to Mirocha and once last weekend to Grippi, but has otherwise put together a strong season in his quest for a first All-American award in his third try. #5 Fredricksen is up from 133 and #6 Marcello is back at 141, where they qualified last year. Marcello is now a four time qualifier who is still in search of his first NCAA win. #10 Fava is an interesting story, as he was last seen as an undersized 165 in 2011. He was also in the round of 12 at 149 in 2009. He returned for the second semester and finally seemed ready to go at the region where he lost in the finals in overtime. #7 Travis and #8 Meaney round out the top ten at 141. Travis won the Central Region and has a win over Sheley this season, while Meaney has a few wins over other qualifiers and has done very well since the calendar flipped to February.


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