2012 DIII Cultural Exchange

The Division III Cultural Exchange trip will be late this spring to Bulgaria and Romania. See some more information below.

Mark Hawald, Brad Bruhn, Brandon Novak and Tim Fader are contacts for this trip next summer.  Coach Novak will be the head coach of the trip and the rest are involved and may travel.  There are numerous other coaches that have interest in going along–experienced guys that have gone on the trip with George Kalchev before.  The tentative plans are:
May 20 or 21  Team camp
May 22 or 23  Flight out of Chicago (or New York if the majority of the wrestlers are from the east coast)
May 25th University aged freestyle tournament in Bucharest, Romania
May 26-June 2 travel mostly in Bulgaria with stops in 3 different cities for training and competitions
June 2 flight out of Sophia or Bucharest most likely–back to the US

Interested wrestlers can contact any of the coaches involved:
Brad Bruh, Cortladn, brad.bruhn@cortalnd.edu
Mark Hawald, Mount Union, hawaldmf@mountunion.edu
Brandon Novak, St. John’s, bgnovak@csbsju.edu
Tim Fader, UW-Whitewater, fadert@uww.edu

An initial deposit of $100 by Dec 16th is needed as well as $500 total down for each wrestler by Jan 15th. The total estimated cost is $2500.  This price includes nearly every cost on the trip–airfare, hotels, transportation by bus each day, 3 full meals a day.