Wrestling on Twitter

d3wrestle.com is always on the lookout for new wrestling-related Twitter pages.  Here are some that we’ve found.  If you follow any other wrestlers (especially DIII), coaches (ditto), or other wrestling pages, please leave it in the comments.  To get to any of these, just put http://twitter.com/  in front of it (e.g. http://twitter.com/d3wrestle).

d3wrestle – d3wrestle.com
jimharshaw – Riot Sports Marketing
tigerwrestling – Princeton wrestling
BunchTheGreat – world team member Shawn Bunch
MatWriter – wrestling writer Mark Palmer
nxtlvlwrestling – Mike Krause, wrestling coach in MI
GaryAbbott – of USA Wrestling
wrestlingtalk – TheWrestlingTalk.com
theopenmat – theopenmat.com
LifeAthlete – former world team member and tOSU coach Joe Heskett
InterMat – intermatwrestle.com
JRobinson3 – Minnesota head coach J Robinson
pennstatepat – Penn State Wrestling
kolatcom – www.carykolat.com
AndyHrovat – Olympian
schwabwrestling – Olympian Doug Schwab
kmac120 – Maryland head coach Kerry McCoy
TommyRowlands – NCAA champ
GregStrobel – former Lehigh coach
BigRedWrestling – Cornell University
ZekeJones – USA Wrestling head freestyle coach
OlympicChampion – gold medalist Henry Cejudo
ChrisBono – Iowa State assistant coach
brentmetcalf – parody of Iowa wrestler Brent Metcalf (I hope)
CMUWrestling – Central Michigan
usa66kg – silver medalist Jamill Kelly
Michigan_wrestl – University of Michigan
TakedownRadio – Scott Casber and TDR
nwcawrestling – National Wrestling Coaches Association
flowrestling – flowrestling.org – well known video site
USAWrestling – national governing body
mikezadick – Olympian
nwhofhistorian – Jay Hammond, founder of wrestlingstats.com
UMDWrestling – University of Maryland
RolliePeterkin – UPenn wrestler
jasonmbryant – Wrestling411