University of the Ozarks Preview

University of the Ozarks
Head Coach: Jason Zastrow
Years at School as head coach: 1
Career Record at school: 0-0
Assistant Coaches:

Competing for the first time this season

Top incoming wrestlers:
Sam Binns
Jacob Brown
Jay Combs
Robert Fackrell
Eli Garcia
Zack Hall
Edladin Harmon
Jared Keas
Trevor Lister
Brad Rupert

Season outlook:
University of the Ozarks starts wrestling for the first time this season. Several schools in other divisions have recently begun to compete, but this is the first Division III team in Arkansas. The roster should grow in future seasons, but even this year, Ozarks, like fellow newcomer Huntingdon, has a roster full of wrestlers from areas not typically served by Division III wrestling.