TCNJ cancels wrestling in fall semester

Kathryn A. Foster, the president of The College of New Jersey, laid out the school’s plans for reopening this fall in an online letter today. Along with information about the semester schedule and modifications due to COVID-19 was information that certain sports would not compete during the fall semster:

Regrettably but necessarily, and in alignment with our rationale and actions in instruction, residential education, and other operations, I have decided that for health and safety reasons we will restrict the menu of in-person student activities this fall to low human density and low in-person contact or proximity activities only. This means that we will cancel high human density, high in-person contact or proximity extracurricular activities, including performance ensembles (e.g., music, theater), many events and gatherings of clubs and organizations, and all high-contact varsity, intramural, and club athletics scheduled for fall semester (including football, soccer, field hockey, basketball, wrestling, rugby, dance, and cheerleading). Coaches and trainers may arrange workouts and other individual fitness activities. Student Affairs staff is organizing a creative suite of low-contact recreational and cultural offerings.

The state of New Jersey was hit hard by the coronavirus in the early stages of the pandemic. As of June 25th, there have been over 170,000 cases and over 13,000 deaths in New Jersey. However, the number of cases per day has decreased in June.

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Head Coach Joe Galante believes other schools may follow the example set by TCNJ


  • Rit says:

    This is a coward BS move. Way too early and is far from helping anyone. The cancelation of last years championships was a huge mistake and wrong. But this makes that look like a win. She is acting as if she is Governor Whitmer. A complete fool who is using her power to restrict freedoms when science and common sence tell us otherwise.

  • JM says:

    Just doing this to save MONEY !!

  • cael S says:

    Why doing this so early ? Why not wait for school to start ? That’s really sad for kid that is in his last year !

  • Ricky Bobby says:

    Governor killed alot of seniors with his own stupidity. These young men have strong immune systems.

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