Offseason Coaching Change Recap

As of 1:20pm Eastern on August 20th, North Central and Whitewater still had not announced new head coaches, but with the school year starting soon, announcements should be coming soon.

Stevens, March 27: Clayton Joins USA Wrestling

Platteville, April 11: Walter Steps Down at Platteville

Daniel Webster, May 8: John Archambeau first ever coach at Daniel Webster

St. John’s, May 9: Novak to football full time, Willaert takes over at St. John’s

Ozarks, May 28: Jason Zastrow hired to lead University of the Ozarks

Buena Vista, June 9: Breese to lead Buena Vista

Platteville, June 11: DeRoehn Takes Over Platteville

Coast Guard, June 18: Bratland moves to Coast Guard

Stevens, June 28: Favia stays on at Stevens

Muskingum, July 16: Zach Mizer to coach Muskingum

Augsburg, July 29: Mark Matzek resigns at Augsburg

Lakeland, July 29: Quincy Osborn to lead Lakeland

Whitewater, August 7: Tim Fader-UWW Update