Hunter hires Carlos Dolmo

Carlos Dolmo

Carlos Dolmo has been named the next head coach of the Hunter College wrestling team. Dolmo replaces Chris Mazzatta who stepped down after two years as head coach and five years overall. Dolmo had most recently been the head coach at Yeshiva High School and assistant coach at Yeshiva University.

Carlos Dolmo Named Hunter College Wrestling Coach

8/21/2015 9:00 AM
New York, NY – Director of Athletics Recreation and Intramurals, Terry Wansart, has announced the hiring of Carlos Dolmo as the new Head Coach of Hunter’s wrestling team. Dolmo brings over 15 years of experience with him as both an athlete and coach.

Dolmo has been the head coach at Yeshiva High School and the assistant coach at Yeshiva University since 1999. On the high school level, he was responsible for the selection process of incoming athletes, managing the support staff, promoting the sport to school officials and scheduling. Additionally, he instituted competitions with non-parochial high schools; the first of its kind for Yeshiva students. He also created a parent organization to provide parents fluency in understanding wrestling techniques and terminology in order to help them support their child better and understand the sport.

On the collegiate level, as an assistant coach, he specialized in teaching double and single leg takedowns, knee picks and firemen’s carry. He ran practice three times per week and focused not only on the physical aspects of the sport, but enforced the mental edge of wrestling as well by simulating meet scenarios to reinforce quick decision making and maneuverability.

A competitor himself, Dolmo has appeared in dozens of regional, national and international competitions including the World Championships, Empire State Games, USA and World Beach Championships, and USA Sombo National Championships where he has numerous gold, silver and bronze medals to his name. His level of competition as both a collegiate athlete as well as his post-collegiate career has led him to meets in Montenegro, Albania, Turkey, Puerto Rico and all over the United States.

As a collegiate wrestler, he was All-State in the 285 pound division, an All-American in the 197 lb weight class, and two-time national JUCO qualifier. Professionally, he was named Coach of the Year three times and led the Yeshiva High School wrestling team to the team championship on three occasions.

The Bronx resident also acts as a college liaison, mentoring inner city high school students with financial aid applications, serving as a guardian on visits, and mediator between the college and administration and parents who do not speak fluent English.

Dolmo earned his associates degree in applied sciences from SUNY Cobleskill and then earned a bachelor’s of arts with a concentration in accounting from SUNY Oswego in May of 1999. He currently resides in the Bronx.