Former Brockport Coach Don Murray Sues NCAA

Five-time NCAA Championships winning coach Don Murray has sued the NCAA, seeking to reverse a three year show-cause order and receive monetary damages. A show-cause order requires that any NCAA member school employing him must restrict him from any athletically related duties unless it shows cause why the restrictions should not apply. The order and Murray’s subsequent resignation from his coaching position at Brockport stem from an investigation regarding both COVID restrictions and institutional physical education wrestling classes that the NCAA alleges were used to circumvent restrictions on out-of-season athletic activities.

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Full text of Murray’s lawsuit (42 pages)

Murray disputes that he did anything wrong and alleges that the Athletic Director and Vice President “initiated an investigation into Murray and the SUNY Brockport Wrestling program in an attempt to remove Murray as a Head Wrestling Coach and Associate Professor, with the additional intentions of dissolving the Wrestling program.” The lawsuit describes actions taken by Murray, the administration of SUNY Brockport, and the NCAA, though the NCAA is the only named party in the suit, as Murray is not suing Brockport. He remains on staff as an associate professor in the kinesiology department. He resigned as wrestling coach in late August of 2021.