DIII at University Nationals

There were several DIII wrestlers competing at the University Nationals this past weekend in Akron, Ohio. The group was headlined by Riley Lefever of Wabash. The three time NCAA champion finished 5th at 86kg. Other DIII wrestlers that competed in freestylet are listed below. Comment on this post with others that may have been missed or any who competed in greco.

Reece Lefever, Wabash (2015), 3-2 at 74kg
Mark Maldonado, Wabash, 0-2 at 80kg
Alexander Dague, Wabash, 0-2 at 80kg
Connor Brummett, Wabash, 1-2 at 80kg
Mason Baumgartner, Concordia Wisconsin, 2-2 at 97kg
Jordan Neman, Whitewater (2015), 1-2 at 86kg
Elroy Perkin, Whitewater (2015), 2-2 at 70kg
Fletcher Green, Coe, 0-2 at 61kg
Brady Ruden, Coe, 0-2 at 65kg
Romello Hidalgo, Coe, 1-2 at 74kg
Jake Voss, Coe, 1-2 at 80kg
Garrett Kelson, Coe, 0-2 at 86kg
Andrew Holladay, Coe, 0-2 at 97kg
Anthony Munoz, Elmhurst, 1-2 at 61kg
Sean Ward, La Crosse, 1-2 at 97kg
Jordan Burkholder, Muskingum, 0-2 at 57kg
Donny Didion, Otterbein, 0-2 at 74kg
Ryan Shank, Waynesburg, 1-2 at 80kg
Tristan Buxton, Waynesburg, 0-2 at 57kg
Jake Evans, Waynesburg, 2-2 at 125kg