Cultural Exchange Update #3


We are in our last full day in Bulgaria. We will wrestle this afternoon in a tournament in Varna. Varna is along the Black Sea and It is 80 degrees and blue skies on the beach every day. We had a busy day of training with a 7:30am beach run and hand fighting in the sea. It was fun to see all of the people on the beach gather round to watch what we were doing. We had breakfast and then went and did “technique” with George. He went over a new trick off a 2 on 1 and some scoring from “control.” We got a chance to swim, nap, shop, etc., and then back to wrestle at 5 pm. This is a European vacation spot–especially for Germans, so there are a lot of people out at night and on the beach during the day.

This morning we were challenged to a soccer game by the French team. We were game but not nearly as skilled….highlights were when Connor Keating–our stud goalie decided to show them American football and ran it through the French team all the way to the other side of the field and threw the ball in the goal. It was hilarious and we told the French it was a goal and worth six points and that tied the score….our big man Anthony Edgren did score a goal but paid the price on his celebration slide on the turf field.

Most guys are resting or getting some sunshine in before our afternoon tournament. I hope to have pictures and more contact from the guys this afternoon. Internet and phone service has been pretty sketchy since we left Plovdiv. Results to come! – Tim Fader, Head Coach, UW-Whitewater

Great last competition today in Varna, Bulgaria. There were teams from Turkey, Bulgaria, Ukraine, France and our team America. We had four weight class winners, while Alec Noa and Ronny Hauser did not compete.

1st weight class Ryne Morrison was 1-2
2nd weight class. Corey Meyer was the champion going 3-0
3rd weight class Matt Adcock was the champion going 3-0. Matt defeated teammate Kaleb Loht in the final match to determine the champion. Kaleb finished 2-1 Maxx Hubbard also finished 2-1
4th weight class Damon cheek was the champion going 3-0
5th weight class. Connor Keating was the champion going 3-0. Connor defeated teammate Eli Gaylor in the final match to determine the winner. Eli finished 2-1
6th weight class TJ Decker finished 2-1 Cedric Gibson was injured in his first match and did not continue
7th weigHt class Philip Landis finished 0-3. Colin Lenhardt 1-2
Hwt. Anthony Edgren was 1-1