Averett tops Greensboro

Averett defeated Greensboro 43-7 last night in Virginia on the strength of five pins. The teams were joined by three wrestlers from Patrick Henry CC and had a large number of extra matches along with the main dual.

Averett 43, Greensboro 7

125 Sam Braswell (A) def. Mauricio Reyes, TF 20-4
133 Josh Wilson (G) def. Joseph Jones, Dec. 9-1
141 Brandon Woody (A) def. Lucas Utt, Fall 1:48
149 Tony Blackman (A) def. Tony Locke, Fall 0:57
157 Landon Childress (A) def. Patrick Haskin, Fall 4:29
165 Alex Turley (A) def. Luke Waggoner, Fall 2:01
174 George Moseley (A) def. Mike Jones, Fall 1:07
184 Joel Kanagy (G) def. Nasser McCummings, MD 10-1
197 Billy Baldwin (A) def. Dominic Harris, TF 18-2
285 Trent Ragland (A) def. Brandon Williams, TB-1 3-2

Extra match results
157 Will Merritt def. Patrick Haskin (GC), SV-1 5-3
285 Jamar Christian def. Brandon Hamilton (PHCC), Fall 0:31
184 Joel Kanagy (GC) def. John Bishop, Fall 1:39
197 Jamar Christian def. Khalil Belk (GC), TF 17-1
285 Brandon Williams (GC) def. Kowan Lee, Fall 5:26
197 Dominic Harris (GC) def. James Henry, Fall 6:07
197 Zion Carpenter def. Joel Kanagy (GC), Fall 0:14
149 Tony Locke (GC) def. David Shelton, Fall 3:55

125 Austin Long def. Mauricio Reyes (GC), dec. 6-5
197 Dominic Harris (GC) def. Jaleel Jones, Dec. 6-3
174 Jovante’ Hobbs def. Jeremiah Bynem, MD 11-1
197 Zion Carpenter def. John Bishop, Fall 1:26
197 Khalil Belk(GC) def. James Henry, Fall 5:32
149 Kirby Ledyard (PHCC) def. David Shelton, Fall 3:27
165 Cleon Lawton Def. Darien Craig (PHCC), DQ
285 Kowan Lee def. Brandon Hamilton PHCC, Fall 4:40
133 Josh Wilson (GC) def. Austin Long, Fall 2:29
141 Kyle Sanders def. Lucas Utt (GC), Fall 1:40
133 Joseph Jones def. Mauricio Reyes (GC), TF 16-0
149 Caleb Harmon def. Kirby Ledyard (PHCC), Fall 1:02
165 Will Merrit def. Darien Craig (PHCC), Fall 2:11
141 Malik Reaker vs. Lucas Utt (GC), Fall 2:26
149 Tony Locke (GC) def. Caleb Harmon, Fall 4:37
157 Tommy Baldwin vs. Patrick Haskin (GC), Fall 0:29
285 Jaleel Jones def. Brandon Hamilton (PHCC), Fall 2:47
133 Josh Wilson (GC) def. Kyle Sanders, Dec. 9-2

Averett vs. PHCC Duals:
149 Tony Blackman def. Kirby Ledyard (PHCC), Fall 1:03
165 Alex Turley def. Darien Craig (PHCC), Fall 1:07
285 Trent Ragland def. Brandon Hamilton (PHCC), Fall 1:50

Greensboro vs. PHCC Duals:
149 Tony Locke def. Kirby Ledyard (PHCC), Fall 1:20
165 Luke Waggoner def. Darien Craig (PHCC), Fall 2:16
285 Brandon Williams def. Brandon Hamilton (PHCC), Fall 1:20

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