2014 Cultural Exchange Update #4

Today’s update comes from 2014 NCAA 174 lbs. runner-up Anthony Bonaventura of Waynesburg

So far the trip has been everything I expected and more. It’s been a great experience and what makes it even better is I get to experience everything with a great a group of guys, that are doing there very best to represent D3 wrestling. Coach Hansen and Coach Mizer are great coaches, I would not be surprised if I see their respective programs make positive strides over the next year. Istanbul was awesome and made our way over to Bulgaria late last night. This morning we were able to watch some of Bulgaria’s best wrestlers compete at one of there national championship events. We were even able to get a quick workout session on the mats as these wrestlers were warming up for this event! I was able to drill/spar with two Bulgarian wrestlers that made the tournament finals at 86 & 97 kg. It’s great wrestling with these international guys and being able to feel the different styles of wrestling. I have been learning a lot and look forward to training/competing in Bulgaria the next 3 days and continue to improve. Overall this is a great trip and an awesome opportunity for any wrestler. I would recommend it to any wrestler who is trying to get to that elite level and be standing on top of the podium in March!